Jesus Was Not a Nice Guy



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“You faithless generation…” “I came to send fire on the earth…” “Get behind me, Satan!” Do you wonder which smarmy evangelist spouted this incendiary phrases? How about the one who lived 2000 years ago and was nailed to a cross?

Jesus Christ was a savior, prophet, healer…nice guy? We may want to have a friend in Jesus, but some of the things he says in the Bible make him sound like – there’s no other way to say it – a jerk. “Jesus Was NOT a Nice Guy” explores those passages in depth, and provides practical ways we can relate to Jesus when he acts less than Messiah-like.


“Kory’s work is very insightful, very practical, and a fun read.”

” If you enjoy the work of Fred Craddock and Barbara Brown Taylor, you will appreciate this sermon series.”

“This book will help you to understand that Jesus was a person who lived to teach others how we should live our life. It is thought provoking.”


4 responses to “Jesus Was Not a Nice Guy

  1. Sizo

    He may or may not have not been a nice guy …….but (fact) He was not a blue eyed caucatian bad or nice guy as in your book cover.

    • Yes! I agree completely. That’s the irony in my cover photo. I tried to choose the most sanitized, softest, most “blah” image of Jesus to contradict the title. Jesus was anything BUT the guy in the picture. I encourage you to read the book, I’d love to know what you think!

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