Me in a nutshell

“Help, I’m stuck in a nutshell!”

 What you need to know about me starts with my girls – my wife Leigh, and my daughters Sydney and Molly. They are the reason God put me here. Now, for the rest of the story: I’m 43 and living in Lexington, Ky., and I serve as senior pastor of Crestwood Christian Church. In previous lives I’ve been a journalist and college professor. I spend my spare time reading, watching movies, and living and dying with my UK Wildcats and Cincinnati Reds. I am thankful to God for the wonderful life with which God has blessed me.


9 responses to “Me in a nutshell

  1. SteveO


    Hope you are doing well – enjoying your blog!


  2. Anonymous

    Dear Shaman:

    The Reds will come in second this year. Thanks for the pics of your girls.


  3. Mik

    What’s up with the Reds home page? It could be the Cubs’ year in 2007…? Ha! Any chance you can link up the Cardinals home page???

  4. it was really nice to see your page.

  5. Pastor Tony Gibson

    Hi Kory, I was researching on the web for material for some of my sermons. I came across some of your work and really appreciated the way you structure your sermons. Would love to know of any structure you use in developing them. Glory to God brother.

  6. Carol

    I’m a new Christian living in a world of non-believers. My church is great, but a distance away (40 minute drive from my home). None of my family or friends are Christians. Your sermons are great! I also love to read, so thanks for the book list.

  7. Grew up at Crestwood with Mary Beth back in the ’60s and ’70s. My parents are John R. and Carolyn H. Thomas. Enjoyed reading your blog today and learning more about you.

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