What Makes Us Unique?

A few weeks ago, we had our annual Ministry Council retreat. For those who don’t know, the Ministry Council is the group formerly known as the Cabinet. At this retreat, we help all the Team Chairs get to know each other, learn more about their responsibilities, learn about their budgets, and ask questions. It’s always a great time of fellowship and formation.

This year, as a way of breaking the ice, I asked each person present to answer two questions: (1) What is something about Crestwood that you think makes us unique? and (2) What is something we as a church can do better? As the group mulled over those questions, I gave them a caveat to the first one. They were NOT allowed to say, “We are so friendly!” Realize that EVERY church in America thinks it’s friendly. When asked what they like about their church, you never hear anyone say, “Oh, I love how rude and crass we are. No one is welcome at our church!” So right away, I took that answer off the table (although a few non-conformers still said it). So, what did our group of leaders come up with? Here’s a list:

  • People at Crestwood genuinely care for one another (awfully close to “we’re friendly” but I allowed it)
  • We allow women to serve in leadership roles (several respondents mentioned this)
  • We accept a variety of backgrounds and opinions
  • There’s a strong focus on families
  • We have an outstanding staff
  • The members are diverse in their beliefs
  • In spite of the diversity mentioned above, there is still a healthy respect for each other
  • We are very active in local outreach opportunities
  • There’s a great energy within the congregation
  • We have a wonderful facility that we share with the community
  • When one person came, the nursery was the biggest draw for her because of her young children
  • We have an active Disciples Women’s Ministry
  • Our Children, Worship and Wonder program is a blessing
  • We have a large amount of programs and ministries that vary in diversity
  • We have strong ties to our community, especially through our Mission Center
  • We have strong relationships with Lexington Theological Seminary and Transylvania
  • Crestwood has a number of retired ministers who are welcomed and who contribute

I really appreciated all of these wonderful responses. I think people captured the spirit of Crestwood in these answers. How about you? What would you say makes us unique?
So what about the second question? What did people say Crestwood could do better? Ah, you’ll have to wait for next week for that one. What do YOU think they said?


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