Prayer Behind Bars

As we move through this season of Advent and the joy of the coming Christ child takes root in our hearts, its easy for us to forget that Christmas will not be as joyful for everyone. Specifically, I’m thinking of the men and women in the Fayette County Detention Center. Twice a month Crestwood provides a communion service for them, during which we collect their prayer concerns. I thought it would be meaningful to share some of these with you. I hope you will join the ministers and volunteers at Crestwood in praying for them. I also hope, as you read through these concerns, you will be reminded that each person in the detention center is not a mistake or a statistic, but a real, flawed human being with fears, hopes and dreams.

  • Alex, Tanner and Trevor, that God will watch over them and protect them and be with them always
  • Claudia and Karen – comfort
  • My daughter Isabella. She’s 7. Protect her until I can be with her. May God have mercy on me and give me divine justice in my case so I can be with my daughter.
  • Pray for my wife and three children that God soften her heart. And pray for a hedge of protection around our marriage.
  • There’s been a death in my family recently. Please pray for protection and unity of my family.
  • Look over and comfort all of us.
  • Bless everyone and their families. Provide strength for us to pull through the hard times.
  • For Alec and Georgia to be safe while I’m gone.
  • Carolyn, who found out she has lung cancer.
  • For Stephen and Thomas, that they are healthy.
  • For Lily, a cancer patient.
  • For my pregnancy.
  • I stepped off my path and need to get back on the right path. I need prayer for strength and a prayer to get out of jail so that I may be with my family and my church family. I need all of them. I hurt others by my choices and I want to make things right again. I need prayer for my children that they be strong and not be saddened by my mistakes anymore.
  • I need prayer for proof that will show the truth.
  • Pray for me and my family, and pray I will be reinstated when I go to court.
  • Please pray that the Lord will provide stability, shelter, clothes, money, a job, an apartment and help with medical bills when I get out so I can break this vicious cycle of physical abuse I have been through. Let me spend Christmas with my father and see my daughter.
  • I want to pray for strength for those around me.
  • Please pray for my fiancé, who seems to be losing his faith since I’ve been in jail. I also pray that my nine-month-old remembers me.
  • Please pray for my family and the strength to keep going.
  • I pray that I go home before Christmas. I miss my loved ones.
  • I pray for my family and for a miracle.
  • I pray I leave here soon and be with my family. I deserve another chance.
  • I pray that God reveal what He would want me to do and for my family as they go with me through this process.
  • Pray that my faith is restored and God gives me the strength to make it through this journey
  • Pray that I get released on probation and God keep me on his path and strengthen my faith.

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