Mountain Top Experience Pt. 2

Last week I wrote about the first part of my journey to Colorado as part of a ministers’ retreat. I talked I led the worship service that brought us out of silence on Wednesday morning before lunch. I talked a little bit about my experience in Rocky Mountain National Park and my satisfying time of silence (an unusual occurrence for me). But little did I know that the best part of the retreat for me was yet to come.

l led the worship service that brought us out of silence on Wednesday before lunch. I used Psalm 104, which is a retelling of the Creation Story, and closed with Psalm 61, which includes the line, “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” That phrase became a mantra for me during this retreat. As I spent time out there, I was encountering God in new ways. When you are surrounded by such grandeur and towering majesty, God presence takes on a “big-ness” that I don’t often feel in the Lexington landscape. I was indeed being led to the rock that was higher than I, literally and metaphorically.After lunch, the five of us had a free afternoon. We decided to climb Lilly Mountain, a nearby 10,000-ft. peak that would give us a great view of the surrounding area. This excited me beyond words because I have always dreamed of what it would be like to stand on top of a mountain (even a relatively small one) and soak in the view. This was going to be great!

What I neglected to remember was the air on a mountain is much thinner than the air down below, which makes climbing it a bit difficult. The “mountain climbing” actually meant hiking up a zig-zagging trail that led to the top. As luck would have it, the mountain trail was the only place in the area where I got cell phone reception, so as soon as we started up I got a call. It was my mother, so I had to take it, but the oxygen I expended on the phone call would have been better used to get me up the mountain.

The trail was 1.7 miles, so it took us awhile to make it to the top. Not all of our group summitted; a few were too worn out to finish and waited for us down below. Only my friend Scott and I made the vertical climb up the last 100 feet of rock to the top. And wow, was it worth it! The view was indescribable and the Rocky Mountains were simply breath-taking – even more than the climb itself! I had never seen such a vista in all my life, and I felt God in a new and powerful way. In the course of my job, I sometimes forget that I’m dependent on One who is so much more than I can never know. This was a reminder that God truly is the rock higher than I. I’m so thankful for my retreat and time away from the demands of my job. I have come back refreshed, humbled and ready to serve God, my rock and my redeemer.



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2 responses to “Mountain Top Experience Pt. 2

  1. Anonymous

    WOW, what an exciting account of your “journey” to the mountaintop.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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