Sing-Off – Round Three

So tonight’s the first night when all the groups are together, which makes for a lot of great competition and an over-full opening number. That’s a lot of voices to fit onto one stage – 100, according to MC Nick Lachey! Tonight is also “Guilty Pleasures,” which can produce some of the most fun performances. It will be really interesting to see who steps up to the plate and who goes home.

So Nick just announced that they will still be listening to five groups and then voting one off instead of listening to all 10 and then voting two off. So even though the groups are all together, there are still two divisions. This keeps the powerhouse groups from going against each other.

Yellowjackets – “Wannabe” – Wow, this was a lot of fun! These guys continue to surprise. They made great use of a variety of voices without losing any energy and the choreography was stellar. I think they knocked this one out of the park. The judges seem to favor groups that have one dominant star singer, and this group is missing that. That may hurt them in the long run, but I like them to stay.

Delilah – “What A Feeling” – This one just didn’t do it for me. I don’t know if it was the lead vocal or the lackluster arrangement. This is the first time they sounded like  an all-female group instead of a full-bodied a cappella group. They still haven’t lived up to their first performance with “Grenade.” I hope they can do better and keep improving, but in my mind they are taken small steps backward.

North Shore – “Power of Love” – First of all, I claim this as a guilty pleasure for myself. For the first time, I feel like “North Shore” misstepped. Maybe it was the lack of preparation time, but they seemed to mail this one in. This song felt too pedestrian for this group. They’ve set us up to expect something bigger and this time they didn’t deliver. But they are safe to move ahead, I’m sure.

The Collective – “I Will Survive” – Great song choice with this group and they featured their two strongest singers. The pace at times seemed a bit too quick, which made the song feel rushed. Also, with such strong leads, this felt less like a group effort. However, since they are still new to a cappella, that actually may have been a smart choice on their part.

Dartmouth Aires – “Jesse’s Girl” – Another great song choice that fits this group well. Loved the smooth start, but the chorus didn’t hit me like the original’s. The lead singer killed his vocals and I loved their energy. Still, something in this performance just didn’t knock me over.

So who goes home? Feels like Delilah, but I’m guessing the judge’s boot one of the college groups. I predict the Aires go home…Wow! What a shocker! I can’t believe North Shore is going home. I disagree with this decision completely. I think these guys still had something to give us. I love seeing Delilah stay, but I thought North Shore deserved another week. They really only had one bad performance. Can’t wait to hear Ben’s explanation of this one on his blog.

Afro Blue – “Dance with Somebody” – These guys haven’t missed yet. They’ve got the groove, the star power and the blend. Another creative arrangement that was jazzy, but also a lot of fun. And I loved the Soul Train line! This is the first time the judges went a little harder on them, but it was small potatoes.  This group is definitely a front-runner.

Pentatonix – “Video Killed the Radio Star” – These guys have such a big sound because of their bottom register (bass and beatbox). And they are so dang creative in their arrangements! I love that they take those kinds of risks, even when they fail. This was one of their best performances both in terms of sound and choreography. How can they dance like that and still sing so well?

Deltones – “Listen to your Heart” – I’ve heard this group several times now, but I still can’t pick out a distinctive voice. This was a weird choice for them since the judges wanted them to feel less stiff. I thought they might have gone with something a little more fun. Ultimately, this group hasn’t done much to separate themselves.

Urban Method – “Poison” – This song is just perfect for this group! And what a fun performance. This group has tons of personality and a distinctive sound that isn’t gimmicky. So far this group has done just about everything right. They’re due for a downer, but this wasn’t it. This group makes we want to hear more from them. Each performance is truly original and something new.

Vocal Point – “Footloose” – Loved this performance! Lots of great energy, choreography and some amazing leads. This was a great contrast to their 60s song from last week. They are showing a lot of versatility and are working hard to separate themselves from the other college groups.

Seems pretty obvious to me that the Deltones are going home. They are missing a lot of the things the judges want to see. Can’t imagine they would send anyone else home. This is by far the stronger of the two divisions.  Can’t wait for next week!


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  1. Anonymous

    Love your blog Kory! I think Delilah should have gone home. I agree North Shore didn’t do their best tonight but every week I have looked forward to seeing them perform so I will miss them very much.

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