What a Coincidence? Or Not…

Isn’t it amazing the way God works in our lives? Each day is an opportunity for us to step back and look for God’s fingerprints in our lives. So many things that we are quick to chalk up as coincidence or blind luck could actually be God’s Spirit moving through our lives. And if we are able to acknowledge it as such, are lives and our faith are made richer because of it.

The first time I did this with any depth was at the end of seminary. For our last class, we had to write a 30-page paper on our theology of ministry, including some autobiographical reflections on how we got to where we were. As a journalist and communications major, the writing part didn’t scare me. But I wasn’t prepared for what I discovered as I reflected.

I had never really stopped to trace the patterns in my life that had led me into ministry. I knew I felt a call and was compelled to answer it, but in my short-sightedness I assumed that was the first time God had guided my life to bring me to that decision. I assumed my forays into journalism and communication were false starts, failed attempts and finding my purpose before God chose to reveal it to me.

But when I reflected back on my life, I realized that God hadn’t just shown up at the right time to place this call in my heart; God had been there the whole time, working through my decisions (or in spite of them) to bring about God’s plan for me. The two areas I assumed were false starts – journalism and communication – are skills I use every single day in ministry. Had I not been trained in those areas, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been as prepared for ministry.

In addition, as I wrote that paper I realized God was not only working through my career choices, but was working in my heart, as well. Had this call to ministry come any earlier than it did, I wouldn’t have heard it. But through my experiences in church and in school, God was tilling the soil of my soul, just waiting for the right moment to plant the seed. I remembering crying as I wrote this part of my paper because of these realizations. God was at work. God was always at work.

I had another less significant but just as amazing reminder of God’s presence recently. I had an email a few weeks ago from a friend of mine in Memphis whose fraternity brother Jason had just moved to Lexington. My friend suggested the two of us should get together, since Jason was also in the ministry. We met for coffee last Tuesday.

Jason, his wife and their six children had just moved back after living in Australia for eight years. Jason is a church planter and has been called to a new church start team in Lexington. Jason and his team are starting a non-denominational church that will focus on college students but will hopefully grow to encompass a diverse group of people committed to making a difference in Lexington in Christ’s name.

As we talked, I was struck by Jason’s passion for this kind of work. I couldn’t imagine the work and faith it takes to start a new church, and yet Jason seemed to have this call stitched into his DNA. We both shared the struggles and joys of our respective ministries. After we prayed for each other, I asked him if there’s any way Crestwood could help him and his team as they get started.

As it turns out, they need a place to meet. And wouldn’t you know it, we happen to have a little space! So starting this Sunday, the City Life Church will begin using a couple classrooms in the Mission Center on Sunday to prepare for the launching of their church. Jason was incredibly grateful that Crestwood would allow them to use this space. But we are simply stewards of this space God has given us, and it is a blessing to be able to share it for the spreading of God’s word.

Now, someone may say that the connection between Jason and I was purely a coincidence. But was it? I see something else at work here. Thanks be to God.



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2 responses to “What a Coincidence? Or Not…

  1. richard faust

    Hi kory I too have had “things “happen in my life that had to be part of Gods goodness and mercy toward me .One example that is as plain as day now , took me years to realize. As a Child I had Athsma. my attacks usually required trips to the emergency room for shots and i can remember lying on the floor board of our old buick dynaflow gasping for breath.I wasnt more than 8 or 9 and my mother tried to hold me during these attacks but I wrythed so from lack of air that it was impossible.Then a company named DeVelbis came out with the forerunner of the little pocket inhaler that I wound up using for years after that to keep my attacks at bay .When i was 11 we moved to paris il .I found that i had a gift for singing. and joined the church choir at 12.little did i know then that God was working in me to cure my athsma. Singing took lung power . So they got exercise then a year later i joined the gradeschool band playing trumpet .Guess what more exercise for my lungs .I sang in church and played trumpet and was enrolled in chorus all thru my high school years and by the time was in my mid twenties I had little if any use for my inhaler . Think what you may but I stopped needing my inhaler altogether…I cant remember when exactly but it was be fore i turned 30. Then God Gave me a carreer in singing in my 1st real band for 5 yrs then another semi national act for 10 years . This pattern continued till I lost mom and dad in the early years of this century. But now I still have a gift I can pull out and use to Gods glory any time,. with out a hint of the former breathing problems .I’m 60 now and have learned to play harmonica [more lung use] God keeps giving . He gave me a voice for the church choir to set things in motion for a full recovery from my nemises. and this one instance is far from all the wonderful blessings God has given me .But it falls in the category of .. ;things God does for us every day that some times takes us years to realize.Kory I look at your Ministry as another gift God has given me. Thanks be to God who givith us the victory Amen

    • What an amazing story, Richard! Thanks so much for sharing it. I’m always awestruck at how God can take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. You’re a living example of that!

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