Q and A with Dr. Sydney

One of the many things I love about my 9-year-old daughter Sydney is her creative mind. She’s always been a problem-solver, and from a very early age was making “contraptions” with string, tape, and toys. She was like McGyver in diapers.

 She’s graduated to bigger and better things, and her creativity is just soaring. She seems to have an interest in science, so through email I started posing some question to her to get her thoughts on them. Her answers were just hilarious, and I had to share them! These are her completely original, unedited answers. I’ll add more as Dr. Sydney responds to them. Can you think of other questions I should ask?


Dad: Do aliens exist, or are we the only life form in the universe?

Dr. Sydney: No one knows for sure if aliens are real or not, but 23% of people believe in aliens, 77% are not sure, and 54% don’t believe.

Dad: Why does some people’s breath smell bad?

Dr. Sydney: People’s breath smells because if they don’t brush, the food on their teeth sinks in and rots, which explains bad breath.

Dad: If your nose runs and your feet smell, are you built upside down?

Dr. Sydney: If your nose runs and your feet smell, no, you are not built upside down. You might need a little medicine and a nice warm bath, though. Those are mighty hard questions…NOT! OK, maybe a little…

Dad: How do computers work?

Dr. Sydney: Computers work by well, they have little mechanical boxes in them called brains. When you click a button, it transfers it to the brain, telling it to go there.

Dad: Why are some people left-handed and some people right-handed?

Dr. Sydney: Some people are left-handed because when you split a body into two halves, there is a right side and a left side. For some people, their left side of their brain seems to get the words the other person just said, which also makes that same hand on that same side write faster.

Dad: If someone told you to prove to them God existed, what would you say?

Dr. Sydney: The way I can prove is that God exists is: All the clouds seem to move, right? Yes. Who do you think is pushing them? The wind is probably your answer. But who makes the wind? Who made the earth? Was it just an old rock in space? NO! God make the earth and we all should know that!

Dad: How do cell phones work?

Dr. Sydney: Cell phones work all because of transportation! When you send a call or a message, it automatically transports it to the other person’s phone! A invisible line connects them and it tells the other phone that someone is calling! 

Dad: Why do cows have more than one stomach?

Dr. Sydney: Cows have more stomachs their digestive systems. As you may know the process of a cow’s digestion system, that is why cows have more than one stomach.

Dad: How did Jesus rise from the dead?

Dr. Sydney: Jesus died on the cross and came back to life by God’s given son, him, which he rose up from the dead because it was a miracle!



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2 responses to “Q and A with Dr. Sydney

  1. How wonderful! I love imaginations.

    We are going to be in Chicago for Christmas, although the opposite side from you, near Hinsdale. Any chance we can get together?

  2. veronica

    She made me smile, how precious she is. Don’t we wish life could stay so innocent.


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