Strengthening the Body

As with many of you, in the past I’ve suffered from back problems. When it it flares up (which thankfully hasn’t been for awhile!), I pay a visit to my chiropractor, Dr. Steve. He and I have determined a combination of poor posture and lack of lower back support usually contribute to my hunched-backedness. The remedy has been to stretch it, ice it, and walk it out. When I do that, I leave the world of Neanderthal Man and am able to stand up straight like a normal human being.

As I talked with Dr. Steve about what kind of things I can do to prevent such episodes, he said that one of the things I need to do is to strengthen my stomach muscles. Stomach muscles? Whoa, Doc, you’ve got the wrong side of my body! The only problem with my stomach is its tendency to grow outward after too many KFC Honey BBQ Wings.

Dr. Steve explained that the strength of the stomach muscles, as well as the flexibility of the hamstrings, plays a significant role in the functioning of the back. The stronger the stomach and legs, the less strain is put on the back. That makes sense, and is a reminder of how interconnected our bodies are, and how each part relies on so many other parts for proper functioning.

It’s the same way with our church. All of its “parts” are made stronger by the strength of the other parts. For our Christian Education to be strong, we must have faithful stewardship. For our fellowship events to be well-attended, we need to efforts of the Membership Development and Public Relations committees to help us grow and thrive.

I could have cited any number of examples of how the church works together; these are simply two of them. What this says to me is that time and talents each of us give to the church is essential to the church’s livelihood. It may be easy to forget that in the midst of long meetings or cleaning up after an event. But don’t take that effort for granted. Everything you do is important not only for direct reasons, but also for the overall contribution you make to the life of this church.

Tim and I are constantly working with you to enhance every aspect of our church family and its life together. Our hope, and hopefully yours, too, is that by strengthen individual areas within the church, we will help build a community of faith that will be standing tall for years to come.



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2 responses to “Strengthening the Body

  1. Gale Killinger

    Kory, you hit home with me on this writing of yours. I know that the church cannot function if everyone is not doing their part. Whether it be preaching a sermon or to cleaning up the church kitchen.
    I feel so guilty in this area. I know that there is so much more that I could do for CCC but I’m holding back. Is this a sin of mine???
    I pray that God will guide me to the role I need to follow at CCC. I’ve shared this with you before as to my position at church and the reason I hold back. I continually pray that God will guide me as to where He needs me to minister and to fellowship with others.
    In the meantime, please know that if I’m not there physically helping out at church I am most definitely there in spirit and through prayers.

  2. Hi Gale,

    Thanks so much for taking time to respond to this post. I think you and I suffer from the same spiritual malady, which is the feeling we should always be doing more. I am plagued by that. But stop and think about what you do: you’re a Stephen Minister, which in and of itself is a major ministry; you are a liturgist; you’ve served on various committees; and you are a gentle by constant encourager and important part of our church family. Don’t sell yourself too short on what you contribute to the church and God’s work. If/When God has something more for you to do, it will become quite clear. Until that time, trust that God is using you, even in ways you aren’t aware of.

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