Thoughts on “24”

We’re now 5 hours into the new season of “24.” Once again, let me state as a disclaimer that I am ashamed at how addicted I am to this show. I usually pride myself on the fact that TV holds no sway over me. But I’m hopelessly hooked on “24,” and would definitely not object to having a son named Jack Bauer Wilcoxson. All that being said, here are some random thoughts on the new season…

 The first four hours were much slower than last year (nuclear bomb notwithstanding). It seems as if the writers are creating more of an atmosphere this year, and that’s taken some time here in the beginning. This year’s start has been more of a slow burn compared to last year’s flash bang (I still miss David Palmer).

 I had trouble getting into the show this year because I recognized so many of the new faces from other shows or movies: Kal Penn (“Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle“), Michael Angarano (“Sky High“) and especially Peter MacNicol (who, to me, will always be  the museum stoolie from “Ghostbusters 2“). It was hard for me to see them as their characters on “24,” but now that Penn and Angarano are out of the picture, it should be easier (although I’ve noticed that MacNicol’s Southern accent fades in and out quite frequently). We’ll see how I handle it when the farmer from “Babe” (James Cromwell) shows up as Jack’s father.

As much as the shooting of Curtis shocked me, it seemed very out of character for Curtis to act that way. He’s always been incredibly loyal and a straight shooter, so for him to break protocol (even for such a compelling reason) bothered me. It’s as if the writers had to think of a reason to off an important character just to maintain the shock factor. Unlike Edgar’s death, which fit into the storyline, this one seemed contrived.

 Speaking of contrived, I’m not even close to buying the fact that Graham (the Blue Tooth bad guy from last season) is Jack’s brother. That feels very manipulated to me. The writers are going to have to spend a LOT of time on the family backstory to make me believe this connection. Maybe Jack’s father is the missing piece that explains it. And is Jack’s father in cohoots with the bad guys?

I’m having trouble buying Wayne Palmer as president. Gregory Itzin did such a fabulous job last year that anyone following him was in for a challenge. Wayne Palmer was a great sidekick to his brother David, but he doesn’t seem like presidential material to me. There was an interesting article on this in Sunday’s Tribune. You can read it here.

 Obviously, there’s still a bad guy pulling Fayed’s strings. My early candidate is Assad. Yes, he’s supposed to be working for peace, but it would be just like the writers to take a character they work hard to make look good, and then turn him bad. The writers have a knack for making the most convincing characters do a switch (Nina Myers, Pres. Logan).

My vote for favorite couple so far? Wayne Palmer’s sister and that snippy FBI agent. Worst couple? Chloe’s ex-husband and Milo.

So, what do you think?



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6 responses to “Thoughts on “24”

  1. Chris Feil

    What to say about 24……In general I am disappointed with the season so far. My main reason is the level of graphic and disgusting violence has really increased. Over the last 3 entire seasons there were just a few times I had to close my eyes. There have been at least 4 already and we are only 5 hours in. I also agree with Kory…..That is Jack’s brother? and he tortures him right off the bat, oh brother. I think the last few seasons were soooo good that this just isn’t even coming close. I must admit I miss the Logan’s & Aaron….. I think the Logan’s are in this season so that may be good.

  2. I agree, Chris, this season has been much more violent. Jack’s vampire imitation was pretty disgusting (I read that it was actually a piece of cantalope he spit out of his mouth). And after last season, how can we not be disappointed? Logan and his wife were such riveting characters. But it’s “24,” so of course we’ll end up glued to the TV every week.

  3. Kim

    I don’t watch the show, but I think it’s hilarious how involved you are. Mind you, I’m involved in my own show, so I know how it is, but it sounds funny when it’s someone else.

    Sometimes it’s fun just to know that at the same time every week you’ll be enjoying yourself again. We used to rush home on Friday nights to see what happened to J.R. on the show Dallas, but you know, it had more to do with the ritual and the fact that it came on on Friday nights, so it signaled the weekend.

    Hope you enjoy the season.

  4. You know, I usted to feel more guilty about how hooked I was on 24, but I’ve come to see that I need that escape in my life. Is it too much of a stretch to say it’s a form of self-care? It’s nice to have some mindless like that to look forward to watching each week.

  5. I have always enjoyed R-rated movies and violent TV shows, not because of the violence, but because of the storylines. I guess I have gotten somewhat immune to the more offensive aspects of those shows. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I don’t even flinch when a person gets shot or some other violent event occurs. What should be a Christian response to that? Is it OK to be a Christian and still watch those kinds of shows and movies? I don’t believe the “garbage in, garbage out” principle, because my behavior doesn’t in any way reflect what I see on the TV or movie screen. And I feel it’s important to be in touch with the things my congregation (especially the youth) are into, for the purpose of being able to have a meaningful conversation about it. Is that a copout for being able to keep watching “24”? I don’t know.

  6. Kendra Ro

    >> Is it OK to be a Christian and still watch those kinds of shows and movies?

    Oh Boy. My mom and dad would have definitely said no, and I, as a parent of a teenager, definitely say no, but when you are “mature” (read: old) enough to handle it? I have to say I don’t see anything wrong with it. If it makes you think, if it challenges you to look inward at your own beliefs and values, if it does not compromise your faith, if you don’t advocate the behavior, then I can’t really find anything wrong with it.

    But, you do have to ask yourself this, and this is the bar that my Dad has always set for me: does is *strengthen* your Christianity? Maybe for some people, but probably not for most. Does it bring glory to God? definitely not. When you look at it that way, there are probably better, more productive things that we could be doing.

    All that being said, I admit I am a fan, and will be watching next Monday. I have to say I think some of Jack’s behavior this season has been violent to the point of being gratuitous violence. Never a good thing.

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