2007 Non-Resolutions

I gave up on making resolutions awhile ago because I would become too depressed when I’d break them at 3 p.m. on New Year’s Day. It’s hard to stay resolute when there’s a plate of Christmas cookies calling your name. So I figure, “Why set myself up for failure?” Instead of resolutions, I have a list of hopes for 2007. Here they are:

After a rocky 2006, I hope for good health in 2007. I hope my MS stays quiet this year, and that nothing else unexpected crops up.

I hope Sydney continues to excel in school, and that she doesn’t develop an interest in boys.

I hope Molly decides to use the potty sooner rather than later so she can start preschool in the fall.

I hope Leigh’s interest in photography “develops” into more than a hobby – she’s AMAZING!

I hope Community Christian Church continues to experience growth in both numbers and spiritual depth.

I hope the Reds get a decent starting pitcher.

I hope God surprises me somehow this year – hopefully in a good way!

I hope my love for my job only grows stronger and richer.

I hope I am able to do a better job trusting God.

I hope for peace.

I hope a cure for multiple sclerosis is finally discovered, and I hope it involves eating Reese’s Cups.

I hope this season of “24” is as good as the last one.

I hope my family stays healthy and happy.

I hope “Lost” provides more answers than questions.

I hope to spend more time on golf courses this summer.

I hope for more Date Nights.

I hope to cross paths with friends I haven’t seen in too long.

I hope my relationship with God grows deeper and stronger each day.

I hope scientists discover some redeeming nutritional qualities about Krispy Kremes.

I hope God continues to be so patient with me.

So, what do you hope for in 2007?


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  1. Gale Killinger

    I liked your comment, Kory, about not making New Year’s resolutions.
    So here is what I hope for in 2007.

    I hope that I can be better person.

    I hope that my relationship with God will only get stronger and deeper.

    I hope that the relationship between my son, Dan, daughter-in-law, Jenny, my husband, Jake and myself, Gale will feel like a family. God has a lot of work to do in helping us with this one.

    I hope that I will find out where I fit in at CCC. I still feel somewhat LOST. Maybe the answers are in Hawaii.

    I hope that all of my friends and family will either get healthy or stay healthy.

    I hope and pray continually that my husband, Jake and my son, Andrew will come to accept Jesus into their lives. God, I am being very patient with this one. I know it’s in your time not mine.

    I hope that I will improve my life by eating healthy and exercising more.

    I hope that my relationship with my husband, Jake, will have more fun times instead of always working times. Need more Date Nights, like Kory mentioned.

    I hope that God will continue to humble me and let me be a witness to others.

    I hope that God will lead me to where He wants and needs me to be.

    I hope and pray for more simple times.

    I hope that I will have more time to spend with family and friends.

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