Another 24 Hours

OK, enough posts about trivialities like sermons and God. Let’s get to the serious stuff: less than 2 months until the premiere of “24”!! I admit I am shamelessly addicted to this show; I’ve seen every episode since the first episode of the first season. I try not to let myself get too caught up in TV shows; I’ve promised myself I won’t faithfully follow more than one show at a time. Otherwise, I’d spend WAY too much time in front of the boob tube (hence our success at warding off the desire to buy a TiVo – so far!). If there’s a show that I really want to see, I wait until it comes out on DVD (and on the eighth day, God created Netflix).

 But 24 is the perfect show for me – it doesn’t require me to think too much (like another show I enjoy, “Lost“) but it’s not mindless entertainment (think “Two and A Half Men” – not even worth a link). Another thing I like about “24” is the cliffhanger aspect. It’s not unlike the old serials that ended with the hero in peril and kept you on pins and needles until the next week’s episode. Sure it raises logistical questions (why don’t we ever see Jack Bauer go to the bathroom?), but it is fast-paced, excellently-acted entertainment (Gregory Itzin was robbed – he should have won an Emmy).

So we’re coming up on Day 6 (for those of you who haven’t watched the show, you’re only 140 hours behind – there’s still time to catch up!). And once again Jack Bauer (the man I still want to be when I grow up) is in all kinds of trouble. The trailer for the new season is now available and gives all kinds of cool teasers (Wayne Palmer is president?!?).

 Once the season starts (with a 4-hour premiere on on Jan. 14 and 15) I’ll be posting regularly with questions and speculations. I hope you 24 veterans will keep up, and that rookies will check out this great show.


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  1. Chris

    3 of the 4 Feil’s can’t wait for January and the return of 24! Glad the premiere doesn’t conflict with the monthly board meeting!

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