Celebrating Youth Sunday

We had our annual Youth Sunday worship this past Sunday, and once again it was a testimony to the wonderful youth we have in this church. As a pastor, there’s always a part of me that hesitates when we turn the worship over to the youth, mainly because you simply never know what to expect from them (watch this baptism video for proof and a good laugh.)

But this past Sunday reminded me once again that youth are not just the church’s future, they are the church’s present, as well. I’m so proud of each one of them for their participation. The two youth who shared their stories, Alex and Laura, showed wisdom and maturity beyond their years as they talked from the heart about how the church has helped them grow in their relationship with God. It’s amazing for me to have watched these two grow up over the past five years. They have turned into such wonderful people!

The music was also outstanding. Katie blew me away with her song (that she wrote!), and Rachel and Hannah were simply awesome on “Amazing Grace.” And Tommy did a great job on a very difficult song during communion. Each youth who participated truly made it a time of worship for me (and I have to admit, I really enjoyed sitting with my family duirng worship!). We have a lot to be thankful for at this church, not the least of which is our outstanding young people.

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